Boring unfortunatly :(

Sorry guys to say that but in my Opinion EMO and (Vector) are kind of boring :frowning: To be honest since I have my imported aibo ers- 1000 from USA no other Robot could convince me so far unfortunatly. And I want so much an good lower cost Competitor finally. Because aibo is only official availble in Japan and USA. Very high cost and Sony don’t care.

I love the amazing support from and enguragment. But at the Moment I am not impressed from the Robot but I wait for the Future


Sorry to read this. Hope I can also make some experiences with Emo soon

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Everyone has their own subjective experience. I respect your disappointing experience. But I think it’s too much to compare the products we just released with the ones we’ve updated since the launch a few years ago. I also regret the current status of EMO, but I trust the possibility of future development.


The Good News is EMO is at the beginning of his Journey. Now I personally don’t think Emo is boring but he is still in continued development. EMO and I play a round of Modern Ludo or Angry EMO almost every night. I looking forward to the release of Treasure Hunt. Emo’s run time is a huge advantage and when Home Stage{it might be called Center Stage). Will advance EMO’s interaction ability to continued growth. The big thing for future growth of course will be continued updates. I am excited for Emo and his future.


Yes I don’t give up! I hope we will get an amazing long lasting journey. I love the Support and encouragement of Team. I wish the Court case would be over in good way of course


right but there is ABSOLUTELY no guarantee of this and if they lose what happens then … you know to us

You are comparing EMO to a Sony Aibo.

I don’t think that is a fair comparison really. Aibo has been worked on by Sony since 1998, not to mention has a massive R&D department.

Yeah EMO is still a developing platform, and over time he will grow. I’d not say that he’s boring. I’d say he’s still in his early stages.

That like saying a new born is boring compared to a teen as a new born can’t play or communicate properly.


Give me a new born over a teenager any day​:rofl::joy:


You are totally right :happy:

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don’t forget, emo is still in it’s early stages!