Black screen after Update to 1.7.0


I have updated my EMO to version 1.7.0 and after the update his screen remains black :frowning: Over the app I can power him down and if I put him back to he charger only the headphone light are going on.

Any hope of resurrection?

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Hey @waringer

When the firmware was installed, did it get to the point where it showed on the screen “checking files” ? After that normally it will take a short while and then EMO will boot back up and show a green tick to say the update was completed.

If you can create a short video and submit a support ticket, this way the support team will be able to hopefully help you and see what the problem is with your EMO.

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Hello MasterAbbott,

yes, after the update if have seen the screen with the green checkmark and EMO have rebootet.

A video of starting EMO now: - YouTube :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The video is set to private, can’t see it.

I believe I’ve seen this where EMO will stay on the black screen for quite some time. If you leave him on the skateboard, after a while he should start back up on his own.

Sry, Video is now not listed and not private.
I have waited 5 minutes (not in the video of curse) and nothing happend. I have also tryed to reset him but that changes nothing.

He also do not move even if if lift him he will not move his feet.

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My EMO is fixed :joy:

Looks like his sd card got corrupted, but with the amazing help from the support he is now fine again! Great support, many many thanks from me :smile:

This thread can be closed :stuck_out_tongue:


Great to hear the support team was able to get your EMO back up and running again! Hope you enjoy the new 1.7.0 update!

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