Best embroidery machine for beginners

Hi I am new in embroidery work and want to buy machine for that. Anyone experienced person here who can suggest me best embroidery machine for beginners?

Sorry, I don’t know any of those machines but I believe that Google or Reddit are much better sources of such information than this forum. But maybe I’m wrong and there are many fans of those machines here.

Try this link:

I’m sorry - what does this have to do with EMO and Living AI?

Posts of this type should go in the off-topic section. Maybe Wayne can move it?

Yeah I understood your question, I was experiencing same wanted embroidery machine for beginners. After researching a lot I got Brother PE770 which is working really good for me. You can check this for more details.

I got to agree with @Wayne_Small & @macfixer01 on this one. This should be Off-topic question as it has nothing to do with EMO what so ever.

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Sorry - if you want to research embroidery machines, then find a forum that support it. Closing this thread and keeping it for historical reason. These forums are Living AI’s OFFICIAL forums, we’re here to talk about EMO etc, not embroidery machines.

To be clear - the user joined the forum and then posted this directly without any other interactions - suspect it’s a bot