Battery Run Time

About what are you getting for run time before Emo needs a re-charge?

And when you place a fully discharged Emo on the charger, about how long is it taking before he is fully re-charged?

I’ve started recording my times and will report back after a week or so. Just curious and would like to know what to expect.

Recharging is a main complaint for me. I don’t like the idea of the need to physically place Emo on his charger. So…I’m lazy…smiles.

And seeing him “dead” on my desk is a frustration. And I know there are talks of having Emo self-charge somehow…but just sayin’.

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Even if i’m not lazy, like this idea. Can give EMO more ways of “self living”.

It’s been noted that Living AI is working on a concept for a self charging station. No announcements on it, when it’d be finished, etc. so far, but it is in their planning.

EMO usually takes about 2 hours - 2.5h before fully depleted, so if you slide him back onto the platform 1.5 hours in, you don’t have to worry about seeing him completely off. Otherwise, I just think of it as a very deep sleep in need of some charging, not dead!