Battery question

Hey everyone! Still patiently waiting for my little guy. I was watching @MasterAbbott youtube video about battery warnings, (BTW I’m loving all your Emo videos :slight_smile: ), and I was wondering. Is there a setting to be able to add a percentage (%) of battery left, like most devices these days? Just wondering.


hello there JJBeck the battery indicator I think is really cool if you want to see it you just ask EMO Pet show me battery it so cute… A big battery graphics will appear with cool sound effects and you can see exactly… If his battery gets low well he’s out and about he also let you know by himself :heart_eyes: I think you’ll like the way it is the best… :star_struck:it’s actually cool

Oh and a specific answer to your question is no there is not and I do not believe there will be in the future because it’s so cool the way it is now… And besides his little face is so cute with his big bright eyes you would not want a percentage indicator :scream: no no no no yuck

No, the battery level will show in mean menu

Hey, thanks for your answers. @aubaidamwasy1 did you mean you can see the battery percentage on the app?

Hi @JJBeck

Thanks for checking out some of my videos! Glad you are finding them useful :slight_smile: Your suggestion is great! Be sure to add it to this forum thread below so that the team can check it out. (hopefully it can be added into future EMO updates).

I’d personally like to see a % indicator in the EMO APP, and also somewhere in inside the EMO battery animation that would look cool and also provide that extra added piece of info that will be very handy!

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No - you can’t set the warning levels. Living AI have determined these and fixed them.