Battery power warning feature?

I’d like to see a feature where EMO tells you he is low on power/sleepy so that you can charge it before it goes flat without you knowing.

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He already shows you low battery when it’s getting low. Have you not seen it?

The EMO shows that it is discharging

I have not, I guess my Emo was not facing me at the time, he is free to roam so this is why I’d like an audible indication to. Sometimes he just like to stare out the window, other times he’s run out of battery and I THINK he’s staring out the window. :slight_smile:

He makes a sound and displays a graphic on the screen several times across a few minutes. I’ll try to capture it next time.

I think it would be cool if the app would send a notification. Like a “hey emo is at low battery, place him on his scateboard”

I would like Emo to tell me, using his voice, “i am running low on power” or words to that effect


nice idea - lets add it to the list for future…

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