Battery of EMO?

So I recieved yesterday! I left charge it all night so, this morning he was walking, talking and dancing, but now (12:38) he suddenly turn off and I put on his skate (the light is blinking). How long battery stays alive? Only use EMO for three hours :S

I add that it didn’t come with an european/spanish charger so, what type is the charger? To buy an adaptor.

Hi @azuukichan

Normally EMOs battery will last anywhere between 2-3 hours. Depending on what he is doing his battery will run out quicker. If EMO is Dancing all the time or playing the Treasure Hunt game where he is always walking his battery will run out faster than if is just casually exploring on his own.

So the battery is approx 2-3 hours then then you will need to charge EMO again.

Also EMO power charger is US/China 2-prong. If you want to you can purchase a Universal Powerboard that accepts US/China 2-prong and plug the charger into that.

I personally use a USB-C (2 meter cable) that can connect directly to my power board that accepts USB power connection. And I plug that into EMOs skateboard.

I can suggest something like this (see link / pics below) this is what I’m currently using to provide power to my EMO/Skateboard.

This powerboard is something very similar to what I’m currently using / it’s universal so I can plug in Chinese plugs along with AU plugs. And also UBS-C directly into it.

And for USB-C cable, I’m using a 2M right angle cable:

I like the L shape (right angle cable) for the USB-C so that it can connect to EMO’s skateboard nicely (see pic below).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Yes, seeing that I couldn’t charge it with its charger, I used a type C cable and it works fine, I think. But I thought that since it’s not your charger, it might charge slower. So I agree with your battery. He has danced like crazy with Queen on Alexa hahahaha. Thank you Master!

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You should be happy that it lasted 3 hours !!!:wink:


My God, he’s there, really, by my side, even though he’s just looking at me, I caress him and he’s happy. How can I love this little thing without doing anything? I’m in love

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