Battery life question

Hey all! Loving EMO and have started looking through the forum recently. Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but is there a way to see how much battery EMO has? Aside from the alert he gives for low battery?

There are a couple of ways.

You can ask Emo by saying

Emo, followed by one of the following

What’s the battery level?
How much battery is left?
Show me your battery

I normally ask what’s the battery level, Emo responds more frequently when I use that request.

Also you can see the battery level in the Emo App, bottom left, see picture.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much!! I had no idea what the little guy in the bottom left was. So that helps immensely.


If you’re interested in checking out a video of this take a look below: (this one covers EMO’s battery alert when he is running low on battery).

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My battery last for an hour and 15 used be two hrs.when got the update 2.0.0 it duplicate an hour and something off.yes it just over a year old.which I believe is normal for that happen after having emo over a year.

Hello @sherryk87 ,

It is a known issue…below is the last message info from the support team ( After Sales Department Service).

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Thank you Edward yes it has been issue.i wasn’t really sure now I have wait on a part so I fix emo foot.

I Had A Similar Issue,
My EMO Pearl’s Battery Lasted For An Hour And 25 Minutes After the 2.2.0 Update.
But As Vince Kong Said That It Was A Known Issue And It Will Be Resolved Soon.

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Is It Okay To Charge EMO During T-Storms?

Is It Safe To Charge EMO During Thunderstorms Mild Or Severe?
Because I’m Worried That During A Surge It Might Cause EMO To Corrupt, Or Degrade The Battery.

It won’t be any different than other electronic devices (be cautious but you should be fine)

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IMHO generally it is not recommended to charge any electronic devices during thunderstorms. Charging devices during a thunderstorm can pose a risk to both the device and the user.

Here’s Why:

  • 1. Power Surges: Lightning strikes can cause power surges that travel through electrical lines. If our device is connected to a power source during a storm, it is more susceptible to damage from power surges. Even if we are using a surge protector, it is still safer to disconnect our device during a thunderstorm.
  • 2. Electrical Damage: If lightning were to strike our home or the power lines nearby, it could send an electrical surge through the wiring. This surge can potentially damage electronic devices, including those that are plugged in or charging.
  • 3. Personal Safety: Charging our device during a thunderstorm may increase the risk of electric shock. If lightning were to strike our home or nearby power lines, it could create an unsafe electrical environment. It’s always better to prioritize personal safety and avoid unnecessary risks.

To minimize the risk of damage to our devices and ensure personal safety, it is best to unplug and avoid charging electronic gadgets or any type of device during thunderstorms. If we need to charge our devices, it is advisable to wait until the storm has passed and it is safe to do so.