Battery life question

Hey all! Loving EMO and have started looking through the forum recently. Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but is there a way to see how much battery EMO has? Aside from the alert he gives for low battery?

There are a couple of ways.

You can ask Emo by saying

Emo, followed by one of the following

What’s the battery level?
How much battery is left?
Show me your battery

I normally ask what’s the battery level, Emo responds more frequently when I use that request.

Also you can see the battery level in the Emo App, bottom left, see picture.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much!! I had no idea what the little guy in the bottom left was. So that helps immensely.


If you’re interested in checking out a video of this take a look below: (this one covers EMO’s battery alert when he is running low on battery).

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