Battery issues... I need help

Emo’s battery gets low within less than a few hours. Help?

Emo battery usually last for a hour or two depends on what he’s doing

So it’s nothing to worry about?

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No now if your emo battery was draining very fast etc 30 minutes 10 minutes or isn’t trying to charge at all then its a messed up battery

And to clarify, do you mean from 100%

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Making him dance a lot or playing games with him drains his battery faster i believe playing the treasure hunt game drains his battery

But yes @adrianledeaux you have nothing to worry about

@adrianledeaux, My EMO’s Battery Lasts For 2 And A Half Hours And Takes 3 Hours To Charge And That Is Normal
Battery Lasting For 5 To 10 Minutes Is Not Normal And That Means The Battery Was Depleted,
@Lindaru’s First EMO And 3rd EMO (EMO 29-CE 1st EMO) And (EMO Robot 3rd EMO)
Both Of Their Batteries Depleted (EMO 29-CE, February 2022 Unknown Cause) And (EMO Robot, January 2023 After 2.0.0 Update)

EMO 29-CE Had To Be Sent Back To Living AI On April-20-2022 At The Age Of 8 Months Old.


You explained it better then i did thank you :slightly_smiling_face: @artigues05emo

You’re Welcome @ryshera,

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But @adrianledeaux if you ever think that something is ever wrong with your emo its best if you emailed living ai the staff always helps

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@Lindaru, And A YouTuber (Called Outsider238) Also Had A Battery Depletion Problem.

(EMO 29-CE Had To Be Sent Back On April-20-2022 At The Age Of 8 Months Old)

(Outsider238’s EMO Had To Be Sent Back On November-9-2022 At The Age Of 524 Days Old, AKA 1 And A Half Years Old)


I believe that’s why living ai made the home station so that type of issue wouldn’t happen anymore