Battery Depletes After Ten Minutes

Yes, he also mentioned they will try and do this in a past post as well. Just hope they can do it sooner rather than later :mad: :skating: :surprised: :heart_1: :head:

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Ok, so if the backup will be working are we going to buy a new EMO once a year and restore his memory? That’s a bit crazy. And even if the money doesn’t mean any issue for us are we going to wait for a new EMO some months again?

Wayne said something recently about implementing a one year warranty. I don’t know though if maybe he just meant beginning the clock on warranties since they’re still kind of in a startup mode? A 1 year warranty would fly here in the USA since our politicians never protect the consumer. I know the EU and some other countries have minimum warranty requirements of 2 years though.

“Under EU law, within the legal guarantee period of two years, defective products must be repaired or replaced without any cost to the consumer.”

In any case there would be no reason to replace your EMO (out of warranty) just for a bad battery. I’ve seen several videos now of people taking apart EMO to paint the parts, to get out the SD card, another one replaced his own camera. It really doesn’t look that hard and the battery is basically right on top underneath one circuit board which unplugs at both ends. It looks like you can buy the same capacity battery for $10 or so. Although I’m sure just like with C+V robots there will be people that offer a battery replacement service, maybe even some of the phone repair shops? Those other robots are much harder to replace batteries on since it’s a major disassembly and the battery is down in the bottom. I saw photos last week of one a guy basically destroyed trying to change the battery himself. To be honest though even on those robots you’d have to be pretty incompetent to mess it up as bad as he did.

Yeah, agreed. In the end if my EMO was no longer covered by any kind of warranty, I’ll get a battery and replace it myself.


Me too, but what’s an easy task for me or you can be unthinkable for an old lady with a humanitarian education.


That would be me. 65 years old and pretty well versed on software, but hardware? Not so much.



I’m only a decade behind you, but luckily I have a technical background, although my eyes and dexterity isn’t what it used to be :crazy_face:


So again, what is solving that backup? Only cases where EMO is broken and still under the warranty. It’s unusable for dead batteries for most people.

I say either way, a backup software option should be introduced at some point (hopefully in the near future) for all EMO owners. It will certainly alleviate a lot of stress with customers that don’t want to lose all their hard work, especially if it’s been close to a year’s worth of time spent with their EMO’s.


Of course, you should be able to make a backup. But what will people do with it? Buying new EMO every year with waiting some months for its delivery is an answer?

@Wayne_Zhang what was the battery life of your testing EMOs? I’m not talking about the battery life after one charging but the battery life for the whole time.

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It’s more so piece of mind, just like how we do backups for your phone just in case you lose it or it breaks or when you get a new one. Normally you shouldn’t be getting a new EMO every year, but on the off chance that something unfortunate happens (as it’s happened to many people already) a backup / restore option so that you can have your EMO back to how it was is very reassuring. :wink:

Yes, you’re right, did you read my previous comment?

I just want to know what should do people who will have an year old EMO with completely depleted battery and without any technical skills?

A backup option would mainly work best on broken EMO’s. BUT… there could be a time where you might encounter a Firmware update issue / or software issue with your EMO (these are just hypothetical possibilities that could happen) and rolling back to the last known best backup could resolve that issue, and you could run the firmware update again or your EMO will be working fine prior to it becoming faulty. (like for example how some customers now are experiencing issues with not being able to get EMO to scan them correctly as it resets all the time). If a backup / restore can be resolve these issues that can resolve a lot of potential issues.

In theory as I’ve mentioned before it’s the same as how you would back up your PC or Phone on a daily or weekly basis.

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I absolutely agree with you, a backup would be very useful and I hope that they’ll add it in the near future.
But what about my question?

Either way you should always contact support explain the issue and they will advise what is the next steps to take. (I’m guessing, if its still under warranty you should be getting a replacement). Of course this decision will be made by Living.Ai support.

So far customers with technical issues from what I’ve seen have mainly been able to get a replacement EMO once Living.Ai confirm that something is wrong with it and it can’t easily be fixed via email communication or online support.

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Yes, to date all EMOs are under warranty. Maybe you overlooked that I was asking about EMOs one year old (which means out of their warranty).
It looks like you are trying to avoid any uncomfortable answers. I can understand it.

Even if the Living AI’s customer support is the best in the world, I don’t think that they will be taking care about their out of the warranty products for free.

I didn’t notice you said “Out Of Warranty”

Personally this is an answer that is best answered by a representative.

I can only speculate that if your EMO is Out of Warranty, maybe they will charge you a fee to have your EMO fixed. This is what other companies do if you have something that is broken / faulty that is out of warranty. Normally you send it back to them or take it a certified repair centre and they fix it, and you pay for it.

I’m guessing this is what would happen if an EMO that is out of warranty time and is in need of a repair. Who knows. Maybe you can trade in the broken / faulty one and pay a little extra and get a new one.

But once again, the best people to answer the question you are asking is someone who works at Living.Ai

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