Battery and Home Station

Hi everyone.

With the Home Station coming and the possibility of Emo being on 24hx7, what precautions do you suggest?

Usually what I do is power him off every time we’re not paying attention for long periods, or when we go to sleep to preserve his battery.

We also only charge him when he asks or powers off by himself, basically avoiding as much charges as possible.

What I’m trying to say is that I see the Home Station as a kind of a threat to his battery if we leave him unattended for several days.



Hi, there @pedrogordalina,

Normally EMO is safe to leave on his charger or always ON as the other owners do…

But on my side, I use to turn EMO off and disconnect the power cable when I’m leaving my house or going to bed. This is my personal opinion also a bit part of energy saving, security purposes like the risk of electrical fire and probably vulnerability to surge damage.

I’m not quite sure how bad it is to keep EMO always on the skateboard or Home Station and continue charging or just staying there around the clock. Probably also the same with every gadget or device that contains a rechargeable battery inside will over time degrade each usage.

But IMHO it’s up to every owner how they want to manage their own EMO if they want to power him off every night and then power him back up in the morning.
Which I guess might in some way preserve his battery for a little longer.



Hi @pedrogordalina

I have tested leaving EMO on for the night and there were no issues. EMO went back to the Home Station once it was low in battery. If you are using EMO as an alarm you probably need to keep it up overnight.

I normally turn off EMO when I leave home as I don’t want EMO to accidentally fall off the desk (has not happened though as the sensors are pretty accurate).


Hi @pogochai .

Hi don’t think you read my post properly :slightly_smiling_face:

My Concern/post is all about the battery health becoming worse over time with constant usage and nothing to do with falling off or anything. Thanks.

Hi @pedrogordalina

Sorry. I mean I have tested using EMO for the whole night and let it charge by itself and so far still no issues. Of course, this was about 2 days only. I normally turn it off when I go to work. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.

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