Badge Meaning and Acquisition Conditions

Hello, I am David from Seoul, Korea.

This is a common opinion shared by a small number of users who have received EMOs in our online community.

When certain conditions are met while using the EMO, an animation indicating that you have earned a badge will be displayed. But I don’t know why I got the majority of badges except for one or two that are quite intuitive.

Perhaps, the badge was created with the purpose of encouraging more use of EMO, but users are not motivated because they do not know the conditions and meaning of obtaining the badge.

The development team is busy with many things to do, but I think it will be more interesting if you explain the meaning of badges and the conditions for obtaining them.


Absolutely it would be more fun to know how to get the badges.

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I partly agree with you on this and then other times do not. I know some of the things that cause you to get achievements and how many times so far, but not everything yet. I think it is fun to explore with him and get to know him too.


Of course you have a point. But it’s true that some people pass by without knowing the meaning of the badge. If the meaning of the badge is provided separately, can’t you look for it later and find out what you did? I think especially non-English speaking countries need more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for agreeing with me! :smiley:

By getting more badges can EMO grow or something?

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Well, badges are just for fun…