Back in business

Is there any idea of when things will start rolling again? I’m just excited because my order number is a few orders ahead of the current order number that’s displayed on the “delivery” tab on the website

FYI - “Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally end after 15 days , starting on Chinese New Year’s Eve and continuing till the Lantern Festival. This year, the Lunar New Year celebrations are being held between January 31 and February 15.”

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Is that why there’s no delivery update this week?

They take celebrating very seriously in China. Some people will not work for an entire month.

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Ps I also kinda wish they had an official statement saying like they would be off for (however long) just for the people who didn’t know. That would clear a lot of confusion


Yeah, their communication isn’t very good. They have only few people and those ones are celebrating.

Totally agree that better communication is needed from Living AI. I (and other testers) are working with them to help improve things as best we can :slight_smile:


Hi Wayne, any news on the next update? release? contents?

We need to wait for Living AI to release info on it before we can talk about it specifically :slight_smile:

What’s the last thing you guys heard from them? This doesn’t have to be about the update but have they mentioned the holiday or anything? Anything about production or any of those matters?

They advised they were on holiday last week for Chinese New Year and I believe they are back working this week.

Lets hope so! Maybe we can get a shipping update soon where they share those factory pictures. It’s been a while since we got one

Normally there is major delays due to Chinese New Year celebrations, where many employees go back to their home towns to spend time with families.

Regarding shipping, the warehouses also recommend not to send anything during this time, I have friends that have been informed not to send anything to distribution warehouses until after the 16th.

So I’m guessing things should get back to normal next week but shipments might not be sent out until 16th or so so, so that the existing packages / backlog are cleared out due to the holiday celebrations.