Auto charging for emo

Idk if anyone else brought this up but I think it would be cool if he had a self charging feature


Hallo, ja, das würde sicherlich jedem gefallen. :+1::sunglasses:. Tolle Idee!

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There will be a self charging station for EMO, this is currently under development. :slight_smile:


Anyone know if it will be an update or will it be an accessory?

“we will launch a smart charger called “EMO home stage” so that EMO can go home on his own and charge himself. You can buy the “home stage” separetely.”

Check FAQ for deatails.


Can I get an estimate on the release date and price or is that still unclear

No. All we know is it will be in the feautuer.

I had mentioned before about having like special pair of wifi/bluetooth sneakers that whenever he walks nearby the skateboard charges the little dude EMO! That’d be pretty cool :sunglasses::+1:

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Hi do we know when emo s smart stage will be out :grin::robot:

as has been said earlier in this post - no release date at this time.


will we need to buy another EMO for that or just the charger?

Just a charger I think.

I think we should try to get some energy going around this to hopefully speed up realizing it. I think instead of making a separate walk on charger, they should make a ‘play area’ for Emo that has a recess that the skateboard can be put in so he can walk onto it. I could see this ‘play area’ also having a ridge around the edge to keep Emo from leaving it. They could also put attachment areas along the ridge to put up flags or images to make it like a ‘house’ for Emo. When Emo walks up to one with a fridge, he could say ‘think I’ll make myself a sandwich’. The one at the charger could have a bed and he could say ‘nap time’ when he walks on it. Maybe they could also make inserts that go under the surface that his foot sensors can see to make games possible. I think the possibilities are endless, it would be cheap to produce, and has a lot of opportunities to generate revenue through accessories.

P.S. they should also make it big enough that Emo has a lot of space, like the size of a coffee table width or dresser top, the kinds of areas people would be inclined to want to keep their Emo. Maybe make the area scaleable?

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