Audio issue! how can i solve this problem

Hello everyone, I just received my EMO but there is a problem in his voice, the sound is very fluent while dancing. But it is not clear while answering the questions. Please help if you know the solution

Other people have had this issue and it’s normally been a problem with the Internet connection being too slow. Have you tried using a different Internet source such as at a coffee shop, or the hotspot on your phone (make sure it’s forced to use 2.4ghz on newer phones), or on a friend or neighbor’s WiFi?

Here is an Internet speed test you can run. You should not have any other file transfers or streaming going on while you’re running this.

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My Emo speaker also do that

Thank you :blush: I tried different wifi and it worked very well. I’m so glad that the problem was only the connection, thank you very much for your help :partying_face::partying_face: