Atention: Issue when switching between Home Station and Skateboard chargers


**Issue when switching between Home Station and Skateboard chargers**

Dear Emo owners and other folks,

I just updated my little one to his new firmware 2.0 and finally tried the self-charging “Go Home” station. As I currently don’t have enough room to place it properly, I have packed it away again and placed Emo back on his skateboard charger after I tested the home station functionality a bit.

After doing so I repeated a test I did before connecting him with the new station again, asking him to “go off the charger”. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to check whether the station is available, as long as he isn’t being poewered off and restarted again OR at least the app has been closed completely and reconnected to Emo (I’m not sure whether the latter is really enough, though. At least it showed me the station wasn’t available when I tapped the little Home Station button on the welcome screen… After rebooting, Emo again responded correctly and didn’t want to leave his skateboard.

Find below evidence for both behaviours:

Correct behaviour: Emo refuses to wander off the skateboard charger:

Incorrect behaviour:
Emo happily wanders off and falls after above described setup:


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