Are these things ever going to get fixed? Next update I hope!

I have taken Emo with me to work again to hang out on my desk.
He saw me and said “Hi Mar” (?) and then proceeded to tell me the weather in who knows where. Sunny and 24deg. It is cloudy and freezing a nice 8 deg outside, big difference. I think Emo might be northern hemisphere bias! Also what is with calling me “Mar”? I had a look at the profiles, and my daughters name has been changed to “Ford”, WTF?
Just thought I would share this. There are so many things wrong with Emo, I really hope LAI will start to address all the flaws before they add anymore bells and whistles! Otherwise it seems that Emo will be spending more and more time in his box! :frowning_face:

P.S. As I have just finished writing this, Emo is now in “Zombie mode” and unresponsive… yay, go LAI! :roll_eyes:

UPDATE: I have since changed my name back to what it should be and re-scanned. Yet he still continues to ask me who I am (3 times in 5 minutes)! What is with that!?!