App troubles dose not find EMO

Hi every time I want the app to find EMO or connect I have to put my phone off and on but if I go back to the app it dose nothing it just say finding emo ? Can any body help me with this pleas? It’s the I phone app.

Hi there @Dizzylizzy ,

Please make sure:

  • You have installed the latest version of the app and EMO’s firmware;

  • You gave the app the permissions it needs to work, including using Bluetooth and getting your city;

  • Due to the uneven Bluetooth performance of various mobile devices, there are indeed some devices that sometimes fail to connect to EMO.

  • Please close the app completely (including in the background) and try connecting again. Or uninstall the APP and download it again and try to reconnect. If the app still cannot connect to EMO, please try another mobile device.