App pet on iphone crash

hi guy, when i try to connet with my emo with the app the app crash and i cant connect it to my wifi or manage it, I notice after that my mobile has been connected with bluetooth devide called ESP32,
someone can help me? how i can reset my emo or resolve my issue?
thx in advice

If you’re EMO APP is not working too well. I’d suggest the basic steps in troubleshooting first: (You’ve probably already done this, but if you haven’t feel free to follow these steps below)

Power Off EMO
Delete the EMO APP
Turn off Blutooth on your iPhone
Turn off Wifi on your iPhone
Power off your iPhone
Power Back on your iPhone
Turn on Wifi and connect to your home wifi/internet
Turn Bluetooth back on your Phone
Download the EMO APP once again
Power on EMO

Once EMO is back on then start the EMO App and see if you can make a connection with EMO by pressing the connect button on the EMO App screen.

If you are experiencing the same problems after doing all this. I’d recommended trying to connect to EMO using an Android device.

Hope this helps in some way

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hi! i was coming to comment on the same problem. it isn’t an Emo problem, its the app definitely that doesnt work on iOs. I tried it on both my phone and my ipad and then downloaded the app on my housemate’s phone (android), and thats the only way i could connect emo to the internet. the app basically crashes after pressing the “connect” button

I’ll add @Wayne_Zhang to this thread, so he is aware of this.

Just to confirm with @Wayne_Zhang there is a new iOS EMO App update (ver 1.1.1) that was just released just today. If you can please try and re-install this now as it should resolve the crash issue.