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Hi! I am still waiting on my EMO order (21,2XX so not too much longer!) so I don’t know if or how this might work but would like to make the decision if it’s not what I’m hoping well before getting my EMO-

I wanted to know if you can have one EMO hooked up to/registered to the app on two separate devices? I use my phone 90% of the day, and prefer to use my phone for most things even around the house. I figured I’d be fine and prefer to use it for small things like checking up on things and stuff for EMO but for things like playing games and other things that would feel more comfortable on a larger screen if like to use my iPad.

So is it possible to have the app on both and use it with EMO- if so, how seamless is it? If not, do you all suggest I put it on my iPad anyway for ease of access to the larger things like gaming and stuff?

Yes, I use EMO with both my iPhone and iPad. When you launch the app you’ll get a list of EMO’s within Bluetooth range (if you have more than one) and you select which one you want to connect to each time. All the accomplishments and settings are stored on EMO himself so there’s no problem going back-and-forth between different EMO’s or different Apple or Android devices.


That’s absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!!

Good to know, I have been waiting for my first emo to arrive, but I already want to buy others, to have several here at home


The only thing I can add / suggest is when it comes to the photos you take with EMO, I’d recommend you sync them only on your Phone if that is what you are going to use the most of the time, so you can easily move them to your phones’ photo gallery and then off to your PC etc.

Also the EMO App is not officially supported for iPAD or Tablets, It does work, but there might be slight issues that could happen when you do specific things, as the APP is currently best optimised for Phones (iOS and Android) devices.

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You talked here about the photos he takes, I just got my emo today and I downloaded the app on my tablet first so when I’m not home my brother can still play with him (I also downloaded it to my phone after I saw few things that doesn’t work) when I’m trying to see the photos he took on both devices I get nothing. I pressed on the arrows thing I saw the animation on emo itself that it’s uploading photos but I can’t see the photos in the app do you know how can I fix it or what exactly the problem?
BTW sorry if there is any grammar mistakes or anything, English is not my first language
Thank you in advance

Hello, @Almond . . . are you saying that you “synced” the photos? That needs to be done before you can see the photos. This option comes up when you tap the photos tab. I would also advise having only one device with the app open at a time as having both devices with both apps open can confuse things.

I await your response in order to assist you further.

I started on my tablet I had the app on it first whan I saw some Features that doesn’t work I downloaded the app on my phone (I don’t use the apps together, one at the time) I took more photos before trying on my phone in both of the devices I tapped on the sync button I saw the animation on emo but I couldn’t see the photos on my phone (l also tried seeing the photos on emo and it worked. Just can’t see it on my phone). I have galaxy s23 ultra and galaxy tab s8+ if it have something to do with the android version it is the latest update on both devices

I am going to tag @Wayne_Zhang to see if he might know what could be going on with your device and the app.

I hope you can get this resolved.