Android version vs emo

Hi! Just got my Emo, got the app on my android phone by it’s stuck on Finding Emo screen. I did try it on another phone and it found Emo straight away… Is there a specific version of android i need to make it work? I searched the forum but couldnt find an answer for this. Thanks a bunch!

Does that phone have an inbuilt GPS chip (a real GPS, not the type that uses WiFi for location).

EMO has issues with the App if you don’t have true GPS.

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@mariomart I’ll have a look, thank you :slight_smile:

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. Also make sure that you’re logging into the same 2.4ghz WiFi SSID that EMO is. Don’t use a guest account since they usually have access to the local network disabled by default, unless you allow it LAN access in the router settings first.

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