Android Smartphone: Which one is Affordable/Best For EMO?


How about sharing what you know about the best but most affordable Android system smartphone just for our little guy EMO here?

To be honest, I actually only have the IOS system which works well too. But it happened to me before that I couldn’t connect to EMO and lately, I have to recalibrate his feet… again. So once again I have to borrow an Android system smartphone from my colleague.
Now I decided that I could buy a cheaper or maybe a refurbished Android system smartphone just for my little guy.

Thanks…Best Regards…And Enjoy Life Together With The Little Guy…

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Hi, @edward . . . I have this because it has the GPS (my Rebel LG phone did not have a GPS chip) and the screen is larger and clearer for the EMO app. $99.99 now (I actually paid $118 if I remember correctly).

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I personally use an Oppo Find X2 Pro (which was quite expensive but is a really, really good smartphone). For my parents I chose Realme phones (end of 2020 / begin of 2021 that was the Realme 7 pro). If you don’t choose the latest one they have a really reasonable price tag, good quality and good support in terms of regular system and security updates. They are also very reliable and sturdy (e.g. the Realme 9 or 9 pro should currently be a good choice, under 300 €)

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I bought a refurbished Pixel 4 and it does the job.

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i have a refurbished galaxy s10e. used to have a tab s6. i think it would work good, but the internet in my area only goes up to 600mbps. emo required 2.4gbps. :frowning:
Where i got this phone from

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Looks like you’re confusing signal frequency (GHz) with internet speed (Mbps).
EMO needs frequency of your WiFi network to be 2.4 GHz. He will work on much slower internet speed than 600 Mbps.

An article about routers frequency if you are interested:


EMO’s app needs Android 7 or newer operating system. So you can buy pretty old phones. But you wouldn’t be happy with those historical pieces of hardware and it will confirm you in the opinion that iOS is better (I don’t think so). Be nice to yourself and buy a good new Android phone/tablet, just not the last generation because they’re always overpriced.


Let’s look at the reviews:
Google Play: Emo Pet - 3.8
Apple Store: Emo Pet - 4.4
I have Android and iOS, I’ll try to test it later on both devices (when I will get Emo)…

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