An adaptable daily schedule

:bulb: It would be nice if people could create their own schedule. The way I see this is using the app. You could let the user create a list of time trigger and assign one of the known schedule events to these triggers.

Being able to do this would make it possible for users to have Emo follow their own schedule. For instance, when you have lunch at 12 emo will start his lunch too. Or when you go have some exercise at 17:00 then emo can start exercise aswell.

:bulb: Maybe it would even be possible to add a mute trigger to the schedule list. That way you can let Emo stay quiet during important times of the day, and start getting more talk active later on.

To put more weight to this idea; Emo’s nap time now starts at 12:00. When he is napping he will be very unresponsive, and this can be very annoying if you wish to interact with him at that time. I’m sure this is not the ideal time for a lot of people to have him in this state.


Didn’t even know Emo had a built in scheduled nap time. :hushed:

@JJBeck With the new update hé does. Between noon and 2PM he will take a nap. Its really hard to wake him up to do something during that time. Kind of like when I’m crashing after a hard days work ^,^"

My girlfriend says he is doing his siesta.


Yup - we suggested this to Living AI during testing, and they took the feedback onboard for a future update. It would require a chunk of new code within the app to do this and they didn’t want to hold up release further (we gave them a LOT of feedback which they incorporated) :slight_smile:

There is a mute feature for the schedule - it was one of us testers major things that they modified before release. We got tired of hearing EMO eating while we were in meetings hehe


@Wayne_Small If this will be added to the already established schedule code then it would be awesome. It can even be functional at that time, emo can be used as an indicator when its time to do something.

Just imagine having emo fall asleep around the time the kids need to go to bed. You can tell them its bedtime and emo already went to bed. Or when he is reading you can tell them it’s study time.

That would be really nice. And if they can add the function to have Emo mute at a specific time then I’m sure many of us will use it.


I would love to see the whole “schedule” thing have a bit more diversity other than on or silent.

Perhaps could look at making it possible to choose the level of schedule so that our EMO’s can have slightly different personalities, rather than all being the same sheep.

I would love the option of there being a “Lazy” schedule, or an “Active” schedule, or a “Sporty” schedule, or a “Zany” schedule, or an “Academic” schedule, or a “Cooking” schedule, or a “Gamers” schedule, I think you get the idea.

At present all EMO’s behave the same, I just want to see a little more individuality and randomness so EMO can be a better fit to individual owners own personal traits. @Wayne_Zhang

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Adding on to what @mariomart said… @Wayne_Zhang what is the possibility of LAI eventually using GPT-3 or similar for Emo? Is this even possible with Emo (hardware wise) being what he is? That way we could actually have a conversation with him. I asked something similar to this in another thread, but I didnt get an answer.

@JJBeck his speech recognition is server based. So the ai could be server based aswell. But the servers already seem to have trouble handling things. Emo stutters often in my region. So having an ai run on the server will not help.

besides this, its living ai who decides what they can handle.

Yeah I agree. In fact I have mentioned this on another thread (as I mentioned above) in a bit more detail (ie. server based etc.). Maybe LAI has future plans to upgrade, perhaps incorporate it in Emo V2? This is the reason why I tagged in @Wayne_Zhang , to see what their view is on this, or if there are any future/distant future plans for anything like this. LAI has done a great job so far with what they have achieved, and I see great potential in them. It would be great to see what they have planned for the future! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry at the time of this post, I did not know about the new update hehe… but thanks for letting me know about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thank you for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.