All quiet on the EMO front

Getting a bit nervous. These forums are barely functioning, the Delivery page hasn’t updated since I started watching it days ago, and the YouTube channel hasn’t been updated in 3 months. Did I just get scammed? Or did I possibly get in right before the company went under and now have $$$$ lost?


Forum is getting updated with more topics / answers everyday - your point isn’t relevant.

This is not a huge company - give them time to expand please. They’re currently deploying their new customer service team to improve the support service.

Many people have already received the product, and updates will be deployed on a monthly basis to bring more features.


All points are relevant and even a forum with one or two topics a day is “updated”. Some of this is subjective. I asked a question. It’s ok not to be condescending when answering. We all are just trying to figure out life sometimes.

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have you ordered an EMO or I do not understand your question here now exactly?


Yes, I have. I liked the product and bought it. But looking at the Delivery counter, nothing has gone out in a while. So I am trying to poke the tree and make sure it isn’t dead.

I am also one that bought into the LifeFuels water bottle that recently went under, rendering my $120 water bottle useless. :slight_smile: So I might be a little sensitive. :slight_smile:

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Hi! Please don’t worry, i have emo and he is great. It’s not a scam. Don’t worry!


Well,. EMO has had 3 active updates since release and they are currently polishing the next update. The forum is active I here daily there are wonderful helpful people here. Some have great talent and have made wonderful accessories for EMO check out the picture section. Even though the company is small they are running strong on updating and fine tuning EMO abilities. Where you part of the Preorder process? Or ordered after? Because that process may very a bit


All I know is that their delivery status hasn’t changed and it’s still at 8303. I’m in the 10s.

I’ve been using the USPS website for tracking my order with text and email updates. Very easy to track where your EMO is heading towards… in fact, that little dude should be arriving here pretty soon!

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i believe that the delivery / packing counter will update once they announce the latest update. i too am in the 10s but hopefully the wait isnt long ^-^

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Yeah, that makes sense everything should update here. I hope that you receive your EMO really soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

the tracking has updated! its at 8716 for tracking numbers sent and 8988 for EMOs packaged. :smiley:

seems pretty relevant now tho huh coz like when r we getting our emos we paid for

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