Alarm set video

I just watched the youtube video that @MasterAbbott posted about setting alarms on Emo. Thanks for another great video to keep us all distracted and entertained while we patiently wait for our Emos hehe. I noticed though, that you did not mention anything about a “snooze” function. Also, it seems like the alarm will not go off for very long (hence probably why there is not a snooze function?). Is this the case, or are there extra settings somewhere for these functions? I fear that such a short alarm may not wake one up.


Hi @JJBeck

Thanks for checking out that EMO “How to” Alarm video. I can confirm that EMO does not have a “Snooze” feature for the alarm. As you’ve seen in the video the alarm doesn’t go for to long.

Hopefully this could be something that Living.Ai can update in the future and have it sound for a little longer.

If anyone wants to check it out, you can see it here:


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