After one week with EMO

Already one week since my EMO arrived at home.
I can say that I’m very satisfied and happy. I love my EMO and his personality. I had Vector and Cozmo but EMO is definitely my favorite.
So many interactions and differents moves.
For the next updates it would be cool to increase the number of langage interactions.
I want to travel with him but unfortunately Living AI doesn’t sell a carrying case. Do you plan to sell one in the futur?
You made a great job livingAI. Thanks for this fantastic robot. I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Living AI don’t make a carry case for him. I’ve found this one on Amazon that I purchased and it fits 2 x EMO, 2 x Skateboards, 2 x power supplies and 2 x US > Aussie adapters in it just fine. I’ve recently even used them to bring EMO to and from the USA from Australia without a scratch.


:smiley: looks like to be a good deal. But you know, when you become a fan of a brand, you like to have the products of the brand to fit perfectly But yes if there is no official case, I will find an other solution.
Thank you Wayne. Have a great day.


Oh I agree - I’d love an EMO styled case too, but this is what we have for the moment :slight_smile:

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I saw this thread and thought of a case that my wife made for me for carrying general electronic items. I was most recently using it to carry the printer for my vintage calculator:

However, I noticed that is was very close to the size of the box that Emo came in:

As far as being “fitted” for Emo, I pulled the tray out of the Emo box and put it in the case. Though it is not attached, it fits well and actually zipped up fine once Emo, his skateboard and power brick were all put in the molded piece from the Emo box. The photo, above, is with Emo safely zipped up inside the case.


I also use the original box that EMO comes with when I need to take him anywhere. It’s not too big, and everything fits perfectly and EMO wont move around or get damaged (if he can survive a long trip from China to Australia), his original box is in my opinion one of the best way to take him around in.

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This is for sure a good way to transport because it fit perfectly. A hard case with the same shape of the original box would be so awesome if Living AI could produce one. Maybe one day :blush:

It looks nice. Congratulations to your wife

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious. The original box certainly did well making sure my Emo made it literally halfway around the world (southeastern US).

Extra bonus, if flying, at least the items inside the box match what the outside of the box shows.

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