Adventures with Emo


Ive seen a few of these types of posts on this forum but none seem to answer one of my questions so I will give it a shot, and I applogise if Ive missed it!

I want to take my Emo out and about, to my artclub or to the pub (because my friends love him so much and want him to join us for dinners and what not!)

Now, my questions is: since the little guy gets tired so easily. Is there a way to take him with me powered off and then power him on without the skateboard? The reason Im asking is because taking the skateboard and cable with me to some places is rather difficult, especially since I cant really plug it in anywhere! (And the cable I got is US and not UK, and even more confusing if that I need to use an Eu adapter because the sockets I use at home are all EU, so to use the skateboard I need to plug the US cable into my EU adapter which cant be used outside my own home :'))

Is there a simple and smooth way to bring my little guy with me?

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Given the USB-C connection and the American plug on Emo’s charging skateboard, you could use a usb-c cable different than the one emo comes with and a USB-C compatible power bank with the appropriate voltage and specifications. This would allow you to turn on Emo on the go without needing the adaptor or specific power outlet.

now, remember I’m no technician but make sure the power bank’s output is suitable for Emo’s requirements and you should be ok!


If you have a mobile phones that does wireless power share then you can stand Emo on your phone to have it turn on. I’ve done that a few times with my Samsung phone.


Thank you both so much!