Additional function: stopwatch/counter

At the moment EMO can set a timer which is nice, but the function of a stopwatch would be nice.
So you can tell EMO to start the stopwatch and once you are done you can stop it or get the current stopped time. It would be really helpful so you can use EMO for example also in sports, trainings, business situations. :slight_smile:


… I am not so amused with the timer that can only set for max. 60 sec.? why not possible for any amount of minutes? like i need to use EMO’s timer for boiling soft-boiled eggs for 3 min. also how can we cancel or show the timer? because nothing to show on his face???

Sadly he can’t even accomplish that simple task.

@Wayne_Zhang IMHO…hopes that this must be included in the next update…


Hey thank you for the comment, its the same what i think. It just would be more effective if we give our opinoins more objective instead of ''I’m not amused, or ''Sadly he can’t even accomplish that simple task, toxic thinks just inflame discussions instead of helping develop devices.

Well…i am not trying to create anything on any discussions or what you called inflame anything…and thanks a lot for thinking and accusing me of thinking toxic… what a nice and friendly words…but if that’s what you think to my opinion that anyone from us is entitled…then so be it…

for being so friendly…, wish you more a happy, peaceful and safe life…


Hallo Everyone,

I would love a stopwatch feature or a time tracking feature for emo.
I could really use this with my work as i have to book times for different projects and it would be amazing if emo could help me track the time for me that i worked on a certain objectives.

he would be perfect as my :heart_2::heart_2: personal time management manager :heart_2::heart_2:

Thanks for this suggestion and i hope it will be possible for Emo in the future.
Greetings Hisoka

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We all have to be patient and trust in wayne and living ai of course there will be things he cant do yet but im sure these will come rome wasnt built in a day we have all been waiting for this little fella so lets enjoy and watch him grow :slightly_smiling_face::robot:


Ofcourse we will wait… but the point of this forum part is “Feedback & Ideas”. Sure, it always depends how these feedbacks are written etc… :laser_1: but after all the main part about this one thread is the idea to add a function in the future. :slight_smile: No one said it has to be added tomorrow or in the next update. :happy: and while I wait… I just enjoy the learning and playing with EMO :star_1:

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Still waiting for a real timer that will do more than 60 seconds. First suggested by Edwards back in Jun 2021.

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