Adding a DND "do not disturb" time

Adding a DND would be a plus for EMO.
For example: do not disturb between 11pm and 6am Monday to Friday.
Either with a voice command, or directly via the application.

This would put Emo on “pause” with no movement or / and sounds.
A bit like sleeping, but for a period well defined by the user.
(with a specific voice command to remove this pause if needed)


Just turn him off ,that’s the easiest way :wink:

Pore pore little Emo

This would be a great feature to add as a setting within the EMO App.

Let’s tag: @Wayne_Zhang so he’s aware of it and hopefully it can be added into future updates for EMO.

:heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

Hi, thank you for the advice. We’ll consider it in future updates.