Achievements info

Hi I saw Andy the Tester that show a video of one of the Achievement
“ The BarTender “ how it’s work to achieve that because it’s really funny will be great to know more about the Achievements thanks :+1::grinning:


link, please? (just because I am curious)

If I told you how to get the achievement, it wouldn’t be an achievement for you anymore, would it? :happy:

@master :wink:

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Just in case you can repeat the Achievements many times in Emo when it’s already done I mean will be great to see him more times do the Funny faces ecc… let me know thanks


Hi all,

EMO replaced! And now?

I have my new EMO, and I would like to know if it’s posible to move all the achievements of my old EMO to the new one. New EMO → new life?

Thanks guys.

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Hi there @jsalas ,

As said, in the future they will implement and try to support the export of data… This means that at the moment it is impossible to do it on our own.

Best Regards

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Ufff my son will cry!! :slight_smile: He worked a lot to get a lot of achievements.

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