Achievements info

Hi I saw Andy the Tester that show a video of one of the Achievement
“ The BarTender “ how it’s work to achieve that because it’s really funny will be great to know more about the Achievements thanks :+1::grinning:


link, please? (just because I am curious)

If I told you how to get the achievement, it wouldn’t be an achievement for you anymore, would it? :happy:

@master :wink:

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Just in case you can repeat the Achievements many times in Emo when it’s already done I mean will be great to see him more times do the Funny faces ecc… let me know thanks


Hi all,

EMO replaced! And now?

I have my new EMO, and I would like to know if it’s posible to move all the achievements of my old EMO to the new one. New EMO → new life?

Thanks guys.

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Hi there @jsalas ,

As said, in the future they will implement and try to support the export of data… This means that at the moment it is impossible to do it on our own.

Best Regards

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Ufff my son will cry!! :slight_smile: He worked a lot to get a lot of achievements.

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I heard that the EMO App gets more games over time, but my EMO is 123 old and there is no other games in the EMO App. I don’t know what is issue, please help.

Hello, @bradyharris . . . EMO gets new dances over time, not more games. Games may be added with feature firmware updates.

Keep an eye on the Achievements area of your app over the next few days. You will see that he will have unlocked a new dance!

1 Day Old - Dance 1
2 Days Old - Dance 2
4 Days Old - Dance 3
8 Days Old - Dance 4
16 Days Old - Dance 5
32 Days Old - Dance 6
64 Days Old - Dance 7
128 Days Old - Dance 8
256 Days Old - Dance 9
512 Days Old - Dance 10
1,024 Days Old - Dance 11 (and likely the last one)

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