About version 1.3.0

If you have multiple emos in version 1.3.0, they will recognize each other, but does this work with 3 emos?

Or does it only work with two emo like a video?

At this point only two EMO’s will work together and talk to each other, however I have three EMO’s and they all dance together when I ask them too, so the new features have some variations


That would be a great video, three EMOs in a row dancing on the same song. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have it but waiting a few days to release it so that people see the other video I’ve done already.


I currently bought 3 emo, but I posted it because I was wondering if the 3 emo would communicate with each other.

thank you.

So a few things…
2 EMO can directly interact with each other - ie talk to each other, play paintball etc.
2 or MORE EMO can all dance together - that is about it