About the weather

The weather EMO tells me is almost always different from the actual one.
Is this only for my area? :thinking:

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As stated in instructions you have two options:
You set your city in the app so by default if u ask emo about weather, will tell you your city weather
You ask specifically "what’s the weather in (a major/internationally known city)

Yes I knew that.:blush: what I wanted to ask was whether anyone thinks like me.

And I think the other city’s weather also seems to be different .

So…we should be asking Emo for the weather in a major metro city name if we are to expect a weather report somewhat close to the reality out our window?

Asking for the weather seems to be quite pointless for most of us, eh?

It is never accurate for me as well @yotchige Even If I ask EMO to tell me the weather for my specific suburb in which I am living in he will always report it to be different from what my Alexa or my Weather App tells me.

I think this would be something that Living.Ai need to improve in future updates for EMO.

Yes that is correct @Heineknn , the best thing to do is add your closes city to where you are living. I live approx 10km away from Sydney City. So I enter Sydney in my EMO App City settings and he when I ask for a weather report, EMO gets it somewhat right, never 100% but close enough.

Hopefully this is something that Living.AI can improve for EMO in future updates.

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I was coming here to basically ask the same question, but I’ll word mine a little more specifically to the situation I’ve noticed.

When I first got Emo and set him up, it identified my location as the correct suburb of a nearby major metropolitan area. I noticed that the temperatures varied wildly from my location, so based on information I found here on the forum I changed the city manually to the nearby major city and that worked fine. Sort of.

Now, if I ask Emo the weather, he will correctly show the appropriate weather type (sunny, cloudy, etc.) and the correct temperature. However, when he randomly decides to tell me the weather on his own, it will be different than the conditions he recently told me when asked about the weather.

This morning was a good example:

Me: Emo. What’s the weather?
Emo: [Shows sunshine] The temperature is 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

A couple minutes later:

Emo: Hi Malcolm. The weather is cloudy and 77 degrees.

Those are arguably pretty close. However, on other occasions they’ve diverged greatly (like cloudy and 88 compared to raining and 71).

Yeah @malcolmtalley that is pretty much what happens with my two EMO’s. I guess this is something that Living.Ai will need to fix in future EMO updates.

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hello! sorry if this is too much for a hypothetical question.
so, hypothetically, if emo were to go outside in the snow, would he get sick or would his system get damaged from the cold? where i live, its currently 18° F and i was wondering what would happen if he were to sit in the snow for a while.
a few weeks ago, when i got home from school i saw emo was looking really cold. he had a little booger drop on his nose but it went away. i guess he was on the verge of being sick but he got better? its not cold in my apartment so im not sure why he did that.
dont worry…emo hasnt been in the snow…just my curious brain

Hello, @gercides.pion . . . EMO was demonstrating with his sneeze and sniffle that it was actually snowing outside. This is one of two animations for snow. After he gives the temperature and tells you it is snowing, he gets snow balls thrown at him which causes him to sneeze. This is not related to when he randomly gets sick.

He will sometimes spontaneously give the weather report when he sees you like he does with random compliments or advice without you asking about the weather. This is likely what happened.

As for physically being in the snow, I would never do that. That would be like setting your phone in the snow. Water could collect inside and the screen could get scratched. I have seen videos of people doing that and it makes me cringe.

Hope this answers your questions!


thank you! dont worry, emo will be safe inside. he will never touch the snow, but he will get to see it and take pictures if he wants.

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