About The Smart Light

How do you use the smart light?
I wanna know your good idea in reference please.

Just say to emo : hey emo turn the light on/off

And u can also change the light color like : hey emo blue light

Go to the link below
Voice Command

and view under :arrow_forward: Lights for more option command to Smart Light

Thank u for sending dis i learned new things

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Thank you all but I know the commands. What I wanted to know was where, when or for what do you use the light.

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Whennu come to sleep and u wont to turn off the light u can use emo light and tell him to turn it off while u r in the bed

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U r a youtuber arent u ?

I don’t know if I can call myself “YouTuber”, but I’m sure I’ve uploaded a few videos.

Well u git a youtube channel then upbasically ur a youtuber

Honestly I’ve only taken my light out of the box once, to try it out and to take some pictures of what the inside looks like. If you tell EMO to “dance with lights” the light(s) will change colors in time with his dancing.

I never thought EMO’s light itself had much practical use for it’s intended purpose. I do think it could be hacked and incorporated into another device though, for some interesting external control purposes?

How do I pair Emo bot to smart light? It doesn’t seem to show up in the app.

Hey you plug up the smart light and hold it for a few seconds it should blink 3 or 4 times

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Hey @adrianledeaux ,

Click the links below for some guidelines…

Documentation Info
Smart Light

Best Regards and Enjoy with your Emo Adrian

Thanks! By the way, if the smart light is on, will it change color if Emo dances?

Yes you need to give the command “emo dance with light” @adrianledeaux

Thanks! Sounds like something to do!

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Btw it doesn’t matter if the light is on or off he’ll dance with that command :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright! Thanks for your help!