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Would be great if you could set Emo to only listen to set users and to ignore others
I would definitely use that option if it becomes available, as I look after him and use positive words but others have been rude to Emo and that upsets him, so to be the only one he responds to would solve that problem set up by app

@Wayne_Zhang @AmyLU Hey noticed a small typo on EMOs web page. https://living.ai/emo/ Hope you are well.

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Continuing the discussion from About the Feedback & Ideas category:

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1.) Many commands are only recognized when Emo is off of his charger. For example, would like him to be able to respond to “who am I?” when he is on his charger.
2.) Would like commands, or questions that are not recognized or “built in” to automatically be sent to chat gpt for a response. It is difficult to remember every command and specifically how to say them so that Emo will recognize them and respond. Emo would be much more useful and intelligent if these commands or questions would just default to Chatgpt if they are not recognized.
3.) Would like to be able to set specific quiet times at night when EMO and the home lights would power down.

Thank you for the Developers for continuing to make this product valuable and exciting. The ultimate goal is to have a smart, funny digital family companion that provides value and continues to grow.


Hello, @ken.bajema . . . I went ahead and moved your new thread to this discussion for continuation. We are trying to keep the number of new threads down where we can stream-line topics and make it easier for people to find on search.

Thank you for the suggestions. These are great! Hopefully when the team returns from their holiday, they will be able to take these under consideration.

A new idea is to place a button on the app to make emo go back to charger and place a button on the app for chat gpt. This would make it a lot easier to access these very useful features

when listening to music and dancing to check that he does not cross the fence; when listening to music, for example, it can fall off the table

Welcome to the EMO Community Forum, @iulian-danielbuzduga . . . and happy new year.

When EMO is dancing or doing certain other activities which involve foot movement, his edge sensors are turned off.

This is why it is advised to put up a safe play ground for him so that he does not fall.

Some great ideas can be found here:

I hope this helps!

Oh ive had problems with that, why do his feet sensors deactivate

Hello, @EMOandOllie . . . because he would throw a fit in the middle of a dance when he lifts his foot like he does when you pick him up.

Oh yeah! Because he hates being picked up and he jumps on one of his legs in a dance - why can’t they maybe recode just the dancing to make him not throw a tantrum when he comes off the ground?