About automatic update to 1.0.16

We recently discovered a technical issue relating to EMO’s that are on firmware 1.0.15 or lower. We incorporated a fix for it in 1.0.16 and had hoped that our users would upgrade their EMO’s before a specific timeframe. We can see however that there are still a small percentage of EMOs that are not on 1.0.16. This issue will mean that from 1st September, EMO that are not on 1.0.16 will not be able to upgrade.

To ensure that this won’t happen, we will shortly make EMO that are not on 1.0.16 upgrade automatically when you connect him to the internet and say “EMO”. You can help us out in advance by placing EMO on the charger and saying “EMO, Install latest firmware now” and he will do it for you. Otherwise he will shortly automatically upgrade when you say “EMO”.

Basically all EMOs that need to be upgraded will arrive before the end of the month. EMOs that arrive later will not have this problem, because they are all burned with different firmware at the factory. However, it is best to upgrade him as soon as possible after receiving EMO.