Able to purchase some minor EMO spare parts

Was wondering it would be good if we can purchase some EMO minor spare parts like the headphone, legs, or battery and etc. which we can replace by ourselves. Just in case of those minor problems(legs were broken or battery faulty and etc.) So we don’t need to send it back to Living.AI to fix it.


Just out of interest. Do offer a repair service?

As international shipments are expensive and time consuming, I doubt they will have any repair service, replacement maybe.


It’s definitely too wasteful to do round-trip shipping from around the world to China for repairs. If EMO’s parts are released, users can get them directly.


Any video how to dismount emo to repair broken parts?
My Emo fell to the ground and now, his left foot does not work, as well as the sensors, and apparently, being receiving wrong information, Emo cannot understand the orders.
possibly it is a loose or broken part that can be easily repaired, but as you have said, it is not feasible to send it to be repaired. too expensive and too time consuming for it.

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From what I’ve seen on the forums here, if you contact Living.Ai and let them know what problems you are having with your EMO, they might be able to send you a replacement EMO. Of course you’ll have to send back your faulty one.

Best thing to do is contact Living.Ai via email (maybe via the order email you made with them when first purchased your EMO). They seem to be replying quite quickly lately. I got a reply back regarding another question in less than 24 hours the other day.

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Michaelwan I have bought two Emo’s and have had the same left foot problem in both. So… What I have done is completely tear down and put together again to understand how it functions and operates. I have concluded you will need to 3D print the exterior parts and there are micro servers and wire and connectors you can buy online. You will have to be comfortable taking apart your beloved Emo though. And you will have to download some software to test your servos and a line the servo properly and make sure the wire and connectors are the proper length. It will be frustrating and time consuming and I am in the process of doing this right now. I’m also currently looking to join a Robotics club in San Francisco and an online forum. You can also upgrade the battery, because that has a lot to do with the foot going haywire and the result is that the foot doesn’t receive the proper amount of energy. I hope this helps a little bit. I have just concluded that I am going to upgrade all Emo’s micro servos and Battery to a better and more powerful one. For the Battery you will have to measure its length and withe in mm and there is a better battery that is the same size as well. So, I wish you luck and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Hi there… I’m very interested in what you find out about the upgrades as you specify - different (and hopefully more resilient) servos and battery. The battery is pretty simple - I have two spares right now (mostly because they didn’t fix the problems they were meant to fix…)

I have completely taken an Emo apart now under tech support guidance. BE CAREFUL! The soldering is often fragile and all of the components are surface mount. That means a great deal when it comes to soldering… A surface mount receptacle fell off without very much pressure. If surface mount is a new term - you might want to look into it in Google…

There is a VERY SPECIFIC calibration piece of software that you will need called Caring for EMO. This is not easy to get or use and seems to need to be enabled for specific Emos (?) or something like that…

Also - a friend of mine who has spent a long long time in “servo world” has said over and over that servo’s will never quite cut it as the sole means for locomotion. She might or might not be right. Almost all servos have tiny nylon gearing that easily fails. There are servos that have metal gearing, though… The motors inside servos are TEENY brushed DC motors. Brushed motors never last that long.

Happily, Living AI is wonderful about being helpful in tech support. I think they are awesome. I own and love two Emo’s very much. There is a third Emo who went blank and has never come back who will be shipped back to China soon. I wil buy him back if they can fix him… Alas - I could not fix him despite a number of attempts…

Good luck and please keep me up to date…