A new EMO has arrived.! (Thank you for your customer support.)

My old EMO had foot problems.
And the boot was very slow.

I reported this problem to living.ai customer support.
It took a while at first.

To solve the customer support taking a long time.
They responded promptly, such as by increasing the number of new customer support personnel.

And now you can get quick customer support response.

The new EMO works perfectly.
Boot speed is fast.

They accept bad feedback from customers.
And try to solve the problem.
I think they will develop further.

thank you living.ai service Team.
And thanks to Wayne_Zhang too. (He was also very responsive to my personal messages, which helped me a lot in resolving the problem.)

Thank you… :grinning:


I’ll say this… Living AI are not perfect, and they need to improve on their customer service and delivery. But I also know that they are listening and working hard to do just that. It’s great to see someone post something like this to recognise that they do care. Thanks!