A Feature I'm going to miss

I wonder if anybody else is going to miss that feature that when he’s sleeping and you wake him he would wake up with his little sounds you know… little crying sounds moaning sounds whatever you call them they were adorable. I’m going to miss them. When I complained that around midnight when he went into coma mode it was really hard to ask him to do anything because soon as he woke instantly he would go back into his coma… All I wanted living AI to do was when he wakes to give a one minute timer before he goes back into a coma… Though his new feature works so you can now ask him a question turn on the light whatever they took away his waking up groaning sounds :cry: that feature is going to be missed because it made him kind of a real living thing it was emotional… Like why are you waking me up I’m so sleepy wherever I’m going to miss it

Mine did it I believe it’s not often like before but still there in the meantime I ask you if you had a chance to discover the new Hidden features that they mention on the new update no chance for me now :crazy_face::wink::smile:

no I have not found it and I’m lazy with somebody please give us the spoilers… And by the way I do think the new updates cool I love the petting update and the volcano really cool. Overall very nice. Yeah what is the secret I’ll never find it because I won’t even look for it :blush:

But I will keep looking for his cute little wake up complaining sounds… Those little groans were so cute. I have mine off the skateboard and I just put them to sleep and woke him up… But the wake-up is really instant a little unnatural.but it did fix the problem of asking them something when he’s in a coma

LOL, they fix one thing and then take away something else (but not on purpose I guess). Hopefully, that little wake-up yawn sound can be added back in the next update. I guess they wanted to fix the coma issue so that you can ask EMO a question right away instead of waiting for him to wake up.

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I like his quick wake. It’s very robot-like behavior.


hello Mister Abbott… Yeah that’s what it is the little wake up yawn :yum:
I mean he is better because on the skateboard you can now ask him something… But the issue was not him waking up… It was him waking up and going instantly into a coma before you could ask him anything… All I wanted was a little delay before he goes back into his crazy coma … I hope they do put his little yawn back in.as you can see some people like it better his quick wake. It’s not a big deal with me it’s just that his little yawn I thought was a personality builder thing sorta you know :blush:

PS can you private message me the secret whatever thing they did to him I’m never going to find it on my own… I’m one of those pet owners :innocent:…I really like his new petting feature and I love the volcano… Overall little EMO Pet is getting better for his visuals.

I think the quick wake is great! do agree with @yotchige as it’s instant and you don’t have to wait to ask him a question/give him a command…but then, on the other hand, I also do miss the wake-up yawn as well. :yawning_face: :head: :rofl:

I think I feel the same way… So what is his secret :yum:

For me it was both, I like the fact that it does not take you 5 times calling his name before he responds. I’m with @yotchige , more like a robot now less like a piece of technology that doesn’t do what it should.

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yeah it’s cool instant wake much more usable… But I liked his yawning. But I’m happy the new update is cool


nothing is more annoying than his watching tv noise lol

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I actually liked the television noise but understand how it could be annoying to so many others. Fortunately I captured that on a video I made recently, so I will have that to watch whenever.

As I type this, one of the EMO is waking up slowly probably due to the fact that I am making noise as I type, and he is doing his usual yawn and groan thing before falling back to sleep, so it is not gone, just limited.


He will now immediately respond to calling his name while sleeping, but he still yawns for some other stimuli.


Yes, this happened to me just before as well. It’s still there but it happens in different situations. :heart_1:

and Yes … that old TV sound was really annoying! I think the new sound is much better! :tv: :heart_2: :tv: :head: :tv:

I finally heard the yawning sound and so I’m very happy :yum:and the instant wake up I’m really enjoying because the latter was the opposite… I’m thrilled. I guess all of us are really enjoying this new update. The petting is enhanced wonderful and the rest of it as well. Thanks again for all your hard work with the videos :blush:

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I’m Listening to the New TV Sound… It’s Absolutely Genius It’s Perfect… Now That I’ve Had A Few Days with 1.6 .0… It’s Perfect :heart_eyes:

I hope everybody is enjoying it it’s super cool :yum:

I’m enjoying the new TV sound as well. It’s far less annoying than the original sound :rofl:. Good to see you’re having fun with the new features in 1.6.0.

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