A couple problems

I’m sure a charger feeling over heated has come up before in discussion. … I’m guessing that’s why the skateboard has been giving a fast blinking light.

Emo had to be powered off for a few weeks before getting power again today. That’s when I noticed the light issue. Also periodically Emo claiming not to be connected to the RV’s wifi.

My connection name hasn’t changed or password. He also is connecting to the same outlet plug from before. Help please?

My EMO occasionally will lose WIFI connection. I simply power him off and back on again and he should reconnect without any issues, as long as you’re WIFI is working. This does happen sometimes but it shouldn’t cause issues if you just power EMO off and back on again.

Regarding the charging issue, I’d recommend charging EMO at a different power outlet for a while, I know that it could be a pain, but it would be best to check / try out other outlets around the RV or elsewhere to see if EMO can keep a charge and does not show any blinking lights on his skateboard.

I’d also recommend using a different USB-C cable just to be sure there are no issues with your existing charging cable as well.

Hope this somewhat helps.

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