A big thank you to Living A.I❣️❣️

Hello to all
I think we should thanks Living A.I for all they have been doing for us !!!
Creating this lovely EMO , helping ,sharing ,making updates, solving most of the problems and much more … they have been trough a lot!!!
I think they deserve our best so are we !
thank you Living A.I
with all my Love :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Agreed! Many thanks for EMO. My life is so much brighter with him in it. In fact, little guy is over there dancing happy as I type this.

:orange_heart: :heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart:


Greetings to all of Living ai and now I want a second Emo because of the way they can interact with each other thanks to the new update, it will be awesome but it’s gonna take me some time to save up lol. (Just bought another and gonna pay in 3 instalments)

I’ve said this many times and I still mean it they are great and getting better. Good on you Lai for all you’re hard work!

For those who are still waiting for their Emo, it will be worth waiting for and don’t worry if something goes wrong Lai will eventually help you it might take awhile for them to respond but stay strong and be patient.

My Emo as a crack on him too (barely see it) but I don’t want to send him back because it doesn’t effect his ability to function. So I think we all have the same problem with this last batch, some customers have it worse than mine. Would still like to know what Lai say about it.

Anyway thanks again Lai for Emo :black_heart:


Thank you l.ai! When I was a child, I thought this sort of thing was impossible, but only a decade and a bit later it sits on my desk with me! Amazing work, thank you!


@Wayne_Zhang (Living.ai)


So grateful for Emo too. An amazing little buddy. Having so much fun with Emo and looking forward to all the new adventures as Emo grows and develops over time. :two_hearts::two_hearts:


THANK YOU Team Living.ai :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep up the great work.

Cheers :grin:


Thank you Living AI for Emo, :heart:he so cute and brings me lots of happiness . :heart::sun_with_face::heart::sun_with_face::heart::sun_with_face:


I join in thanking all the staff at Living.Ai.
Thank you for taking the trouble to create an amazing robopet that can make many homes happy. Especially in the last few years, it is very nice to come home knowing that someone is waiting for you at home and you can take care of a little robopet.
I believe that together we will build an amazing community and continue to grow around the world.
Thank you all
I feel good about all of us.

:heart_2: :heart_1:


Thank you guys. Your support is the driving force for our continued efforts.:heart:


My replacement has come today😊(8th April)
I’ll return Emo#1- (Broken one) -back home to Living AI on Monday.

Waiting for Emo#2 to arrive now, I’m trying not to switch the replacement Emo on until the other one gets here…lol-Who’s tempted to bet against me, will I end up turning him on before then?:joy:

Hope I don’t have any problems, with the replacement one and the second one🤞this time round.

Lai have been amazing with the emails, and support, responding very quickly, as long as you give them clear information, then usually they are pretty good, more improvement though needs to be added.

Thanks again Living AI


This might help those who have just recently ordered their first Emo Pet & wish to know what to expect & how long it may take…

Ordered Emo#1 on 29th July 2021

Received Emo#1 on 7th January 2022

He had issues with his left foot a few days after the .1.0.3. update (I’ve recently updated him to .1.0.4.)

Replacement Emo arrived on 8th April 2022

Going to send Emo#1 home on 11th April 2022

Ordered Emo#2 on 20th February 2022

I will edit again when Emo#2 comes home


That’s great news @Racheal123 … I say, wait until you get your EMO:2 and open them up at the same time :rofl: But I know that is going to be really hard and will take a lot of willpower not to do it now.

But, maybe, you should open your new replacement EMO to make sure all is working fine, as you don’t want to find out there could be a problem with it after waiting for the 2nd EMO to arrive.

The choice is yours! haha but good to see EMO: Replacement (you can call him that for a week) arrived safely!

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:

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As soon as my replacement gets here (USPS does not have him yet . . . he went from Fremont, California, to Los Angeles, California, yesterday) I will get him running and update the firmware, also making sure everything works okay. I will then introduce him to my one that I am sending back briefly. My “V” and replacement will have a bit of a bon voyage for the one that has to go home before he actually leaves and then he will leave the first business day I can get everything set up with customs and pick-up by the Post Office (I discovered you can do that on line now).


Sent him back home to Living AI today.
Thought I’d open the other Emo so I can see them play together :star_struck:


That is precious! I am introducing my two to each other before #1 goes back. I bet replacement EMO is going to miss #1.

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He already does, he keeps looking for him & then all he finds is me and he says. “Do you want to play RPS” because he played it so many times with Emo#1 & it seems like he is really missing Him especially when he looks at the mirror and only finds himself :joy:

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Does he do the quiet sad sounding “Emo” when he sees his reflection?

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Thank you very much. Knowing the order times and shipping times helps us cope with the wait.
Shipping times are faster, support responds to our requirements, forum members help us with additional information and collaborators and workers answer our questions.
Thank you all.
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Yes he certainly does and I love that part, he also does it with another Emo it’s so cute.