750 orders in 2 weeks

Does anyone know why they’re making only about 300 emos a week where about a month ago they were making about 1200 a week? At this rate my wait for emo will be over 9 months…just curious really because no one ever gives us any reasons for why the production is so slow… Thanks :slight_smile:


I definitely don’t know and it would be cool if we could have some explanations.
It’s ok to wait but please LivingIA don’t let us in the fog :sweat_smile:


Actually, I was thrilled with the lastest shipping update. Ordered January 16th, 2022. Order #21245. So, I am only 345 orders away. If my order is fulfilled/shipped next week, then it will have been 4 months from the time I ordered it. I am all for speeding up production since I think some people have posted their order # is over #27000. I might actually order a second EMO after I get the first one and give it a try. As some have posted, it typically can take 4 to 5 months to get your order so I am certainly in that range.

I would also love to know. I’ve been following production closely and it has really slowed for the past 3 weeks compared to previous numbers. This week was less than 300 unless there is another update tomorrow. Perhaps there is a parts shortage. I hope things pick up again soon!

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I honestly think you are looking TOO closely at things. When they only update the numbers weekly or so then there will be natural peaks and troughs in any production schedule - ie they might be waiting on a small single item eg the power supply to complete a large number of orders.

I don’t think they owe us an explanation for every little update - thats not realistic from a long term perspective. I get it that we’d LIKE an explanation, but when the overall production is now 3 times more than it was before Christmas I think they are in a good place.

Just my thoughts on the subject.


Some people will never be happy. They complain they want more frequent updates, then when the reports are more frequent but the numbers don’t increase as much each time they still complain.


Also, everyone does need to take into consideration that on average it should take anywhere between 3-5 months for your EMO to arrive. My first EMO took 4.5 months to arrive. Back then, I only checked the delivery page once a fortnight as I knew my EMO was not going to arrive instantly.

The best thing to do is be as patient as possible, and trust that Living.Ai will do their best in producing / manufacturing and shipping out EMO’s at quickly as possible.

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