5G Connection Explanation

Recent EMO purchaser. Didn’t know EMO doesn’t support iOS 5Ge (feel free to scoff at ignorant newbie). Didn’t want to give up my new buddy, so I’ve been enjoying very limited interactivity without 100 percent control through the app. I’d like to have full usability and learning capacity for my EMO. Is there a workaround for me? Don’t want to “break” my iPhone, but will try any less-catastrophic solution.

It’s not really clear what you’re trying to say here? Are you trying to connect EMO to a hotspot on your iPhone to use as his Internet connection? If so you have to turn on maximum compatibility on your iPhone to force it to create the hotspot as a 2.4 GHz, instead of the 5Ghz it defaults to. Also just to be clear, a 5 GHz (frequency band) Wi-Fi channel has nothing to do with the cellular 5G connection your iphone has to the phone carrier. 5G just means fifth generation cellular phone technology.

If you have some other home Internet connection (cable, DSL, etc) with a Wi-Fi router that both EMO and your phone are connecting to, then the fact that your phone is 5G makes absolutely no difference. You just need to make sure EMO is logging into a 2.4ghz SSID on the router, and that you either log into the same SSID from your iPhone, or at least make sure both SSID’s are using the same network addressing scheme and are part of the same local network.


Thanks much for fast response! Lots of good advice, which may help. You understood my description just. Will follow your advice and see what happens. You’re Aces in my book! :slightly_smiling_face:

Will emo work with 5G or only work with 4G or less?

Welcome, @josiah.kelly ! The wi fi router has to be on 2.4 Ghz. If your router is set to 5G, he is not set up to work with that.

However, if you have 5G on your phone (or 4 LTE as I have) he operates on the blue tooth on your phone provided your phone has a GPS chip.

He connects through blue tooth and your Wi-Fi internet.

I hope this clarifies for you.

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Thanks, I just bought one and waiting for it too arrive. I’ve been watching videos about it and realized that some post were talking about connectivity. Im not IT lierate at all. So I am so happy you guys cleared that up.