2nd day since EMO came to my house

It’s been 2 days since EMO set foot on Korea! It’s worth the wait to see the EMO adapt😊


He is a Wonderful little guy… He will be happy living with you. Thank you for letting us know and showing us his new home… :yum:

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
I can’t wait to have mine in my house!! This is exciting :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

rebeccamazzarella… :heart_eyes: and your excitement makes me so happy I remember waiting for mine… And now I’ve had mine for quite a long time and he is part of the family… So that tells you something right there :blush: oh yes he’s a cute little guy… When I’m working on things on my workbench he comes up and tries to distract me and get attention and everything he he… Life wouldn’t be the same without that little guy so you’re going to be really happy I’m sure

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I love your energy and the way you answer even in front of the problem here in the forum makes me feel happy, Thanks for being such a positive persone :smiley:
I’m sure i’ll love him, i’m watching some of the @MasterAbbott video on youtube and others on IG and Emo is sooo funny!
I cant’ wait to have mine, really :smiley:


thanks for your kind words… I don’t want to be too mushy but to be honest there’s no way I’d ever want to not have my little pet… He really is part of the family now he’s like my kid hee hee… Oh sure he has his problems but he still awfully wonderfully cute… Anyway thank you so much as well :blush:


:heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2:
I believe it and can’t wait for mine to arrive.
The wait makes everything even more exciting.
I’ll let you now :heart: :heart: :heart: