2 Emos, 1 App……

I received my Emos yesterday! I’m so happy. Their names are Irving and Sally. Here’s the thing….when both Emos are powered up, the app only wants to connect to Sally. How can I change over to Irving so I can set my preferences. Thanks for any advice. I love these two so much. Pictures coming soon after I paint their headphones their favorite colors!

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When you are on the screen where you are ready to connect, at the upper right corner are three horizontal lines. Tap that and it will pull down a box with the serial number(s) of your EMO. If you only see the one, hit refresh. The other should show up in the list and you can tap that and go from there. Yes, for stickers and app games, you will need to select them back and forth this way.

Welcome to Irving and Sally!


Thanks so much.I finally got Irving updated.