2.4G EMO with 5G phone

It is possible to have EMO connected to the 2.4G network and a phone with the app on the 5G network on the same router? I have some older devices (Google Home Hubs, radio, smart lights) on 2.4G but when I need a better speed (phones, tablets, notebooks, TV) I’m using 5G. I think that it should work but I just want to be sure. Of course I can switch my phone to 2.4G for EMO’s setup but then I would like to switch back to 5G.

When we got the robot hoover that was 2G.
And instead of us turning all devices from 5G to 2G.
My mum’s x boyfriend got the Internet to have 2 signals 5G and 2G and now we have both.

Yes it will work as long as everything is on the same network segment (192.168.1.x in my case). My old iPhone 6Plus is 2.4Ghz only so is logging into the same SSID as EMO. Also the iPhone was used to set up EMO when he was new. My iPad Pro is logged into the 5Ghz SSID. I have the IOS app installed on both devices, and both of them work fine with EMO.


Thanks. I thought that it should work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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