14 Bids ... how dumb can ... stupidity en masse

This came up in a posting on a FaceBook group for Emo. One person reporting a scam listing on eBay for the robot. A few other people and myself reported it but eBay hasn’t taken action. For those who don’t realize this. When the fine print is read, this is just a photo of Emo up for auction. I only checked in on this to see if eBay had taken down the listing.

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I agree it shouldn’t be sold through scams like this.
But it needs to be sold on other websites and in other countries.
Because I’m going to be waiting for ages.

That’s really bad, I guess if EBAY don’t take this down in the time, the unlucky person that wins this will hopefully end up filing a complain to EBAY for a refund once they find out they have just won an auction for just a photo of EMO and not the actual item.

@JackMac I would say that once Living.Ai do grow, they might expand distribution to other countries, but for now the only place where EMO is being made is in their warehouse in China.

Nope are you in 14xxx like me ?