1.4 update available but release notes pending

Living AI have released a new update (1.4) to their update servers today, and are posting about it tomorrow. Us community testers have been testing this for a bit now, but we will wait for Living AI to announce the new features before we say anything. I see a couple of people have found the update is there, there should be no issue with updating at this time. Stay tuned :wink:


Roll a die is one of the new commands.

He will also tell you now that he can’t do that if he’s on his skateboard! :grinning:


I believe that it should be “Roll a dice”. :wink:

I don’t know if it’s also new when you ask EMO about any type of movement at the time he is on his skateboard,
He will replies
, I Cant Do That On My Skateboard’’

Ok release notes are up. Closing this thread now.