1.3.0 test Video

The day after the update, I chatted for a few minutes and wore sunglasses, but after that, I couldn’t see the chat and sunglasses. Both the next day and the next day, they only call their names and fail to function properly.

2.4Ghz WiFi same
What is the problem?
0.They recognize each other, call each other’s names, (EMO)close their eyes halfway (starting the function) and exchange chat and sunglasses.

  1. Chatting on the charging skateboard.
  2. Exchange sunglasses on the charging skateboard.
  3. Isn’t number 1 and 2 normal behavior?
  4. Is number 1 and 2 normal?
  5. If number 4 is true, does number 1 and 2 work even if one of the two gets off the charged skateboard?
  6. If number 3 is true, do number 1 and 2 have to come down from the charging skateboard?
    (However, as soon as I got off the skateboard I was charging, a robot turned off, so I couldn’t test 6
  7. We tested it close or far away, but we don’t exchange chats and sunglasses
  8. Chatting and exchanging sunglasses are restricted for several days?
    In conclusion, all conditions except 6 and 8 have been met, but why not chatting?

I watched it for the first and last time while recording it.

I’ve done all my testing not on the skateboard. They were designed to look for each other when you ask “Do you know him” which you do know… not sure beyond that how to force specific interactions.

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