Wifi API endpoint for notification and much more

Ultimately, having SSH access would be great - I know this would be dangerous and would be grounds to void the warranty, but having access would come with that caveat and would allow developers to try different things with EMO.

I have a bunch of ideas for EMO - this was the primary reason I got him because my profession is in software development. I know the SDK is coming, but while we wait could we possible get access to some sort of api endpoint to send messages to?

The App can be used to turn this feature on/off and display the current wifi ip address emo has.
I know security would be a concern, but since the IP is based on the users local network it shouldn’t be open to the internet unless the user allows it to be. Living.ai developers don’t have to worry about security and setting up some tunnel to the outside world to communicate…unless they wanted to.

But these are my ideas of things the end point could respond to:

  1. Handling notifications - a message with an image, sound or maybe text to display - this would be cool because I could tie EMO to a bunch of third party apps to have him play audio or show an image e.g. send a message to my kids while they are playing with emo.

  2. Stream online audio - a message with a podcast name and stream url could allow emo to be used for playing the podcast - I’m sure this would destroy the battery life but it could be worth it while emo is charging to use him as an online radio.

  3. Take a Picture - a message with a return url so EMO takes a picture and send the image back to the URL as a base64 payload or something. I could call this to see if my kids are playing with him or not

  4. Stats - get info like battery level, what currently doing (on charger or exploring)

These are just some of the things on my wish list…looking forward to what’s to come.

Thanks for the great work so far.