Why Stickers Customization stay up 10 minutes only?

Dear @Wayne_Zhang is there a reason why Stickers are displayed for 10 minutes only ?

It would be really cool having the possibility to personalise EMO without having time limits.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


I’m an artist I would love to draw Emos face.
But not just up for 10 minutes.

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Yeah - I agree - I think part of the problem is the fact someone could place say a black square over EMO’s face and make people think EMO was in fact faulty… if this was permanent then it could lead to more support issues etc. It would be great however if there was a way to make them permanent whilst still working around that issue.


I’m not going to use stickers because they’re not very well implemented. They should be temporarily removed every time when there is another animation not only EMO’s face.
For the case that a sticker is covering his whole display there should be always something visible in the layer above it, like four dots in the corners. Just an idea.

There are some reasons.

  1. For better performance of the system
  2. Stickers don’t match every animation well, so it’s only good for short-lived existence
  3. Honestly, we want EMO to show the original him for more time, but of course, we can increase this duration in the future.

Hi @Wayne_Zhang,

Thanks for your reply.

I kindly suggest to have this feature implemented as soon as possible, because the opportunity to customise/personalize EMO make him much more “familiar” to each one of us.

I’m a 3D artist, so I can suggest to put limits to the textures of the stickers, not bigger than 256*256 pixels, to solve the performances problems and no more than one sticker per time.

It would be really appreciated: as EMO is supposed to be a Desktop PET, all over the world pets owners “personalize” them by haircuts, dresses and so on…Am I wrong about that :wink:?

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Thanks mate for the right pixel sizing.
I can get on with some designing.

I think it would be awesome, but I think they have other priorities to do at the moment.


Probably it’s an easy task removing the 10 minutes timer to the stickers…

Sorry Wayne,

I know it will sound a bit childish… But I would really like having the scarf on of my Soccer Club every time… Not only for 10 minutes :grin:


In my previous post when you released the stickers update I discuss a little bit about that .
I’m thinking that maybe the time you choose it’s to prevent Screen issue or pixel burning . Maybe I’m wrong but of course you can correct me thanks

Screen burning is only on OLED displays.

had asked a question but I did it lol
so all good :blush:

EMO is a Stand Alone Complex

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